Would you like to take the piece you're playing to a next level or need some new input?
We can look deeper into the music so that you can find new understandings of the music, work on difficult spots, make your guitar sing or get into the fingerings.


Have you ever heard an ensemble that seemed to breath and play as one individual?
There are tricks and exercises that can help you achieve this too. Come with a piece or some difficulties you get past and we'll work on them. Learn how to really play together with your ensemble, it is one of the most rewarding things about playing music!


Have you always wondered why some guitar players seem to be able to give a more solid performance and rarely fail when they play?
We go back to the basics, take a look at your practice routine and create a plan together of what you work on, how you do it and what to be attentive for.
Rebuilding your foundations can take a little bit of time and a motivation, but being able to play more securely and steadily will be the best reward you ever had.

Music theory

Do you want to get deeper into the music you're playing or develop your hearing and reading? Step by step, everyone can learn these principles that will help you create a more solid performance. We set up long term goals together and create an achievable plan of how to get there.

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